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Why Promise Prep:
To add value to the Indianapolis education school system and end generational poverty for black and brown students, so that they get a fair shot to reach or maximize their potential

Our Staff

Kristy Jones

Why Promise Prep: I chose Promise Prep because who I am personally and professionally aligns perfectly with Promise Prep's adult shared values, which are: We Serve, Results Over Reasons, Integrity, Growth Mindset, Obstacles into Opportunities, Joy and Humor, Truth Over Harmony and One Team. In short, at Promise Prep I can be an effective leader by simply being myself!

Kimberly Dickerson

Front Office Assistant
Why Promise Prep: Students are inspired to succeed when they can see themselves and their culture in every room of their school, starting with the faces of the adults who lead them daily and believe that they have promise. That's why I said YES to Promise Prep!

Brandy Jones

Instructional Assistant- 1st and 2nd Grade
Why Promise Prep: We are dedicated to providing excellence in education

Uriel Rodriguez

Instructional Assistant- Kindergarten
Why Promise Prep: I wanna be abel to make a change in students life’s and my own, and I want to be a positive asset.

Adam Thomas

Sports Coach/Coach Coordinator
Why Promise Prep: When the vision, goals, values aligns up with your personal aspirations. That is why

Lanasha Edwards

Kindergarten Lead Teacher
Why Promise Prep: A native of the east side of Indianapolis, I saw the amazing things my community has to offer. I decided to become involved and knew I wanted to continue to do great things for “Naptown”. This is my third year as a kindergarten teacher. I want my students to be prepared for life. Even in kindergarten, college is a conversation. Promise Prep is working to break generational curses and I want to join that mission.