All students must come to school in the Promise Prep uniform every day. Arriving at school out of uniform is a violation of the Code of Conduct and may lead to disciplinary consequences. In these instances, the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) will be called and asked to bring in a uniform before the student is sent to class. When possible, the school will provide a clean and appropriate loaner item. Families should contact the principal if the cost of the uniform is the cause so that alternative arrangements may be made. We have a required school uniform for several important reasons:

General Uniform Requirements:

TOPS Students must wear a black Promise Prep polo. If a student chooses to wear an undershirt, it must be white or black. Shirts should be the appropriate size, fitting the student without being tight or too big. No hoodies allowed.
BOTTOMS All students must wear plain, navy or khaki shorts, worn in the Fall and Spring only and navy or khaki pants, worn in the winter months only (November-February). Shorts and pants should be appropriate to wear in a professional workplace. This means that very loose pants, baggy pants or very tight pants are not acceptable. Bottoms should fit snugly on the waist without a belt, but if needed, a plain black or brown belt should be worn. During warm-weather months, the principal will let parents/guardians know when students can wear plain, navy or khaki-colored shorts that are no shorter than one inch from the knee. Instead of pants, students may choose to wear a long, plain, navy or khaki-colored skirt with tights or shorts underneath. All skirts should go at least four inches below the knee. The school has the authority to determine what pants, shorts, or skirts are acceptable.
SHOES AND SOCKS Students must also wear closed-toed, flat-soled shoes daily. We ask that students wear shoes with a rubber sole instead of dress shoes in order for students to be prepared for recess and gym without having to change shoes daily. Students should wear plain white or black socks (or tights with skirts).
JACKETS Students may not wear jackets inside the school building. If a student is worried about being cold inside the building, they should wear a uniform sweater, a long sleeve (black or white) shirt with no hood under their uniform shirt, or a black or white cardigan with no hood over their uniform shirt.
JEWELRY Students may wear modest jewelry; however, if the jewelry becomes a distraction from learning for the student or others, the teacher will ask the student to remove it. The school is not responsible for lost jewelry.
HATS Students are not allowed to wear hats, scarves, sweatbands or bandanas in the building. Small clips or bands for the hair are permitted. Head-coverings for religious reasons are permitted. Hats worn inside the building will be taken from students and stored at the front desk for parent(s)/guardian(s) to pick up.
MAKE-UP Make-up (lipstick, glitter, blush, eyeshadow, etc.) is strictly not allowed. Lip gloss is not permitted. Students may use Chapstick or other similar non-glossy lip moisturizers, but if the application of it becomes distracting to the learning process, the student will not be allowed to use it.
DRESS DOWN & DRESS UP DAYS Promise Prep will periodically allow students a “dress down” or “dress up” day as an incentive for positive behavior and/or to celebrate positive achievements (e.g., academic achievement, school pride, and cultural diversity). Schools will provide families with specific guidance around the dress code for scheduled “dress down” or “dress up” days.
DRESS FOR THE WEATHER Students go outside to play most days, except in certain instances where it is raining or particularly cold. Please ensure that your child has the proper attire they need to stay comfortable and warm outside.